FWAnother preview from the 2008 collection. These babies should be in stores sometime June or July, if interstellar traffic does not interfere with the shipment.

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The Fifth Element?

Our space cadet Willem just landed himself a spot on the Element website. He hung out with the team at the Elemental Awareness Tour in Zumiez and casually 5-0′d the bump, all while wearing the ’07 Avatars shirt (still available in L). Find a bigger version of the pic above and some shots of the other riders at the Elemental Awareness tour here.

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Cutting corners

A fellow Antownian (inhabitant of Antwerp and it’s satellite colonies) known by the name of Ape recently put out his own boards. Getting a stack of your own designs screen printed on wood and delivered to your doorstep must be like a dream come true. FWA team decks are definitely something down the pipeline, but first I have to get them 2008 tees out. And win the lotto to finance all these costly whims.

Apetown decks can be scooped up at 85 Gallery for €66 a pop. Support your local FWArtist!

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Silver Surfer

While we all thought he was still chilling and wiggling his toes in the sands of Sardegna, FWA team rider Winged Willem materialised from thin air above the Kortrijk bowl during the Quiksilver Bowlriders. Photo by Jochem of the Crimescene.be crew (thanks!)

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FWA on Flickr

Digging our spacey steez and have a Flickr account? We want you on the FWA radar so our Cylon raiders can pick up your signal and tune in. Add the FWA page to your list of Flickr contacts, leave some comments and/or join the FWA pool to post some snaps of spacey skateboard action (like Willem’s Ninja Pop pictured below), or other crazy Fifth World related stuff.

We expect to welcome you to The Flickr FWAmily soon… see you on the other side!

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